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Vitalik Buterin is among those who oppose layer 3 solutions


Vitalik Buterin oppose layer 3 solutions

One of the Ethereum blockchain's creators, Vitalik Buterin, affirmed his views on layer 3 networks.

Buterin jumped into the conversation about the importance of layer 3 (L3) solutions by bringing up his post from a year and a half prior.

There has been a recent online discussion on whether or not L3 protocols are beneficial to the Ethereum ecosystem. The advantages of these solutions were mentioned by several speakers.

A link to his September 2022 paper titled "What kind of layer 3s make sense?" was appended to the post. Buterin stated in it that this class of networks is not designed with scale in mind. Rather, he proposed at the time that certain "customized features" for layer 2 would be implemented by such protocols.

Protocols installed on top of already-existing layer 2 (L2) solutions are generally referred to as layer 3 solutions. The third layer of networks, like L2s, is intended to grow and enhance the capabilities of the primary blockchain.

Marc Boiron, the CEO of Polygon Labs, stated a few days ago via X that third-layer networks are not required to scale Ethereum and pose a risk to the security of the main blockchain in the ecosystem.

Boiron continued, "Polygon Labs is not working on such solutions because L3 is not required to scale Ethereum."

One day before to Boiron's statements, the argument regarding the usefulness of layer 3 networks started. In response to a related inquiry, a developer going by the handle Potuz listed a number of benefits of using such solutions.

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