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Enhance cyber defense capabilities with IBM Storage FlashSystem and Storage Defender


Enhance cyber defense IBM Storage FlashSystem Defender

Storage Defender combines advanced software sensors with real-time data protection capabilities that come from FlashSystem Flash Core Modules.

Cybercrime is profitable due to low risks and high profits, steadily rising. In 2023, the FBI received a record 880,418 complaints with possible losses of over $12.5 billion, a 10% increase from 2022.

Ransomware is the most common type of attack worldwide according to the 2024 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index. Businesses spend a lot of money on cybersecurity because they want to protect themselves from ransomware. This is the main reason why cybersecurity is the most expensive technology for companies right now.

Ransomware code is designed to collect data about target networks and valuable resources, while also compromising backups. It then proceeds to encrypt critical files and databases, resulting in rapid and devastating destruction.

It is possible to detect ransomware attacks and take preventive measures to limit and manage the risk. IBM offers end-to-end data resilience solutions to effectively defend enterprises against ransomware and other malware threats. These solutions help organizations deal with the various types and techniques used to carry out an attack.

IBM Storage FlashSystem provides storage protection through logically segregated and immutable copies of data from production environments. Ransomware attacks, malicious software, or user error cannot alter or remove these safeguarded copies. IBM Storage FlashSystem's new Flash Core Modules 4 (FCM4) continuously monitor statistics from every I/O using ML models. This allows for early detection of anomalies at the block level. Additionally, the system also includes inline data corruption detection.

IBM Storage Defender is a solution that helps streamline business recovery procedures by providing an overall view of data protection and cyber resilience across the hybrid cloud. It can be easily integrated into security dashboards. AI-powered sensors are used to quickly detect issues in virtual machines, file systems, databases, and other applications hosted in Linux VMs.

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