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Natural Gas Prices Dip as EIA Reports Storage Buildup


Natural Gas Prices Dip as EIA Reports Storage Buildup

Traders eye European gas reserves amid shifting market dynamics.

Natural gas prices experienced a 1% decline, dropping below the $1.90 mark, following a larger-than-expected buildup in gas storage reported by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). This setback comes as traders turn their attention to the robust gas reserves in Europe in anticipation of the upcoming heating season.

There was a subdued trading activity in natural gas prices as profit-taking ensued, prompted by recent supply issues and delivery delays. Despite initial expectations of a rapid depletion in European gas reserves, the lingering surplus has led traders to secure profits on long positions accumulated over the past weeks. Moreover, the push for resurgence in nuclear energy by European leaders adds further pressure on liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an energy commodity.

Simultaneously, the US Dollar (USD) experienced a retreat below the 104.00 level, almost touching the 103.00 mark. The Federal Reserve's (Fed) confirmation of its projection for three rate cuts this year via its dot plot contributed significantly to the downward movement. This forced market participants to recalibrate their USD positions, following previous expectations of only two rate cuts for the year.

Analyzing the market dynamics, natural gas prices appear to be consolidating within a pennant formation. With both buyers and sellers converging, a breakout seems imminent. However, given the subdued energy demand in Europe and its above-average storage levels, the likelihood of a downside breakout outweighs the potential for an upward surge.

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