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Amazon employees in Spain plan to go on strike on Cyber Monday

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Amazon employees in Spain plan to go on strike on Cyber Monday

The largest labor union in Spain has called for the delivery and warehouse staff of Amazon (AMZN) to observe a "symbolic" walkout on Cyber Monday the following week.

One of the biggest labor unions in Spain has called for a "symbolic" walkout by Amazon (AMZN) delivery and warehouse employees the next week in observance of Cyber Monday.

According to reports, the Workers' Commission is asking 20,000 Amazon logistics employees to take part in a one-hour walkout on November 27 and 28, during each of the three shifts. The union aims to increase salaries that they claim are appropriate for the amount of work they are given, as well as support worker security and human resources personnel.

In a statement to the media, Amazon refuted the necessity for a labor suspension, claiming that all of its employees in Spain already work in a contemporary, safe workplace with competitive pay and benefits.

For online retailers like Amazon, shopping holidays like "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" play a significant role in generating revenue in the fourth quarter. Big discounts are usually offered by retailers to encourage holiday shopping.

A coalition of 80 unions that are in charge of labor activities in 130 countries is leading the global "Make Amazon Pay" campaign, which includes the possibility of a work stoppage for Amazon on Black Friday. Workers from the United States, England, Italy, and Germany would be included in that walkout.

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