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OCG collaborates with Level 6 Consulting to grow in France

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OCG collaborates with Level 6 Consulting

OHROS Consulting Group (OCG) has partnered strategically with Level6 Consulting, a local business, to increase its market share in France.

OHROS Consulting Group, based in the Netherlands, provides strategic consulting services in asset management to asset-intensive customers such as energy groups, utility corporations, and public transportation organizations.

The consulting organization UMS Group, which was established in 2007, currently has teams in Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. France is the most recent country to join its network.

Ennio Neumann Senese, CEO of OHROS Consulting Group, is happy about the company's decision to enter the French market. This move aligned with their goal of providing on-the-ground support to their global clientele wherever they may be. 

Founded and headed by former South African Springboks player Phillip van der Merwe, a former professional rugby player, Level 6 Consulting is a boutique consultancy firm that specializes in data analytics and management consulting. The Bordeaux-based company has a strong background in asset management. They are experienced in strategy, governance, procedures, project execution, and change management.

Van der Merwe has been appointed as the head of OHRÓS Consulting Group's new French branch. He will be responsible for managing clients in France and other French-speaking countries.

Following OHROS Consulting Group's signing of a collaboration agreement with AklysTransform in its home market, the expansion has occurred quickly.

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