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Zeller and Oracle Collaborate to Revolutionize Restaurant Payments


Zeller and Oracle Collaborate to Revolutionize Restaurant Payments

Australian FinTech Zeller partners with global POS leader Oracle to streamline restaurant transactions.

In a significant development for the hospitality industry, Australia's leading payments provider, Zeller, has teamed up with global restaurant POS system Oracle to offer restaurateurs a comprehensive solution for managing orders and securely processing payments with ease.

The integration of Zeller Terminal with Oracle's Simphony POS brings a wave of relief to food and beverage venues across Australia. Businesses previously constrained by outdated technology from a limited number of integrated payment providers associated with Oracle's Simphony POS can now embrace the advanced EFTPOS solution offered by Zeller.

The process of pairing Zeller Terminal with Oracle Simphony POS is not only seamless but also can be executed remotely via the Zeller Dashboard. This remote configuration capability proves especially beneficial for restaurant chains with multiple venues, eliminating the need for on-site setup. Retail or operations staff can effortlessly swap terminals between locations and pair them with the POS directly from the device itself or the dashboard without any additional steps.

With the integration in place, manual entry of transaction totals becomes a thing of the past. Instead, the transaction balance is automatically transmitted to the EFTPOS machine, significantly enhancing service speed and reducing wait times. Zeller Terminal further enhances the payment experience with a screensaver feature, adding to the efficiency of the checkout process.

This collaboration between Zeller and Oracle marks a significant step towards modernizing restaurant payments, promising enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the integration of cutting-edge technology, Australian businesses can elevate their service standards and stay ahead in today's competitive market.

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