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Starlink may soon be granted a license to operate in India


Starlink may be granted license to operate India

Starlink will face strong competition from companies like Eutelsat OneWeb and Jio Satellite Communications Limited in India, as they all aim to provide satellite broadband services to customers.

Major satellite communications (satcom) service provider Starlink is expected to be granted permission to provide services to clients in India. India has postponed approving the license for the Satcom company controlled by Elon Musk because of many security concerns. An ET report states that Starlink is currently seeking a license and could be granted one if security requirements are fulfilled.

The government has also received "ownership" facts from the corporation. If a satellite communications firm includes investors or stakeholders from a neighboring border, India does not want that company to provide commercial services to its clients or store their data.

Elon Musk is expected to visit India on April 21 to work on establishing a Tesla manufacturing facility. He will meet with authorities and other organizations for discussions. If things go well, Starlink may also get its license. Starlink currently has customers in many parts of the world and serves both businesses and consumers, offering services for mobility, maritime, and aviation purposes. The company faces challenges in meeting different countries' regulations, requiring adjustments to its products and customer interactions.

Companies like Jio Satellite Communications Limited in India and Eutelsat OneWeb will be fierce rivals of Starlink. These businesses are all vying to provide clients with satellite internet. However, Jio and OneWeb are initially mainly interested in serving enterprise clients. These businesses will be able to provide commercial services as soon as the government grants access to the satellite spectrum.

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