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KFC Malaysia closes outlets due to economic challenges

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KFC Malaysia closes outlets

KFC Malaysia has temporarily closed its locations nationwide, citing difficult economic conditions.

Malaysia, being a predominantly Muslim country, strongly supports the Palestinian cause. Like other Muslim nations, Malaysia has participated in boycott campaigns against Western fast-food brands in response to Israel's military campaign in Gaza.

QSR Brands (M) Holdings Bhd, the powerhouse behind the renowned KFC and Pizza Hut franchises in Malaysia, has made the bold decision to temporarily suspend operations at its beloved KFC outlets. This strategic move comes in light of the prevailing economic challenges that the company faces.

QSR Brands and KFC Malaysia have announced their proactive measures to manage the escalating company expenses and focus on high-engagement trade zones. In a statement released late on Monday, the companies revealed their decision to temporarily close certain locations. The omission of media mentions in the statement further emphasizes the strategic nature of these steps.

Reportedly, over 100 stores were temporarily closed, although the local media did not specify the exact number of affected stores.

According to QSR Brands, employees from the affected stores were provided with the opportunity to relocate to establishments with a higher number of actively engaged customers.

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