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Spotify’s look on Apple’s new changes


Apple’s new changes

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said Apple's new App Store changes are a 'new low'

More and more executives are expressing dissatisfaction with Apple's recent changes to its app distribution policies. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek criticized Apple's actions, labeling them as a "new low" in a recent statement. Ek's remarks followed Spotify's accusation that Apple is disregarding rules and behaving as if it's exempt from them. After carefully reviewing Apple's announcement regarding its Digital Markets Act compliance, which was quite ambiguous, I've gathered my thoughts. While Apple has a history of questionable behavior, their latest move is particularly disappointing. Apple's decision to allow app distribution on third-party marketplaces in the EU under iOS 17.4 seems like a win for developers at first glance.

However, many developers are upset because Apple will still have control over which third-party marketplaces can operate on its system and will continue to charge fees for downloads on those platforms. The implications of these changes extend beyond mere dissatisfaction. They point to a concerning trend of monopolistic behavior in the tech industry, where giants like Apple wield considerable power over market dynamics. By controlling access to their ecosystem and imposing fees, Apple effectively retains dominance and stifles competition. This not only hampers innovation but also raises questions about fairness and equity in the digital marketplace. Ultimately, the success of the digital economy hinges on fostering an environment where innovation thrives and all stakeholders can participate on equal footing.

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