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H&M and Zara get banned by global app Vestiaire Collective

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H&M and Zara get banned

Vestiaire Collective, a French resale fashion site, has decided to ban fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M that are not socially or environmentally sustainable.

With the upcoming black Friday event’s anticipation among all retail stores online, Vestiaire Collective decided to remove dozens of brands and retailers from its platform including popular fashion brands, H&M and Zara. The pre-loed fashion resale company seems to be convincing partners and customers to join its new campaign called ‘Think First, Buy Second’.

The French company, which is a part of the quickly expanding recommerce sector, strictly rejects businesses that are not socially and environmentally sustainable. They take into account things like the quality of the products, the carbon emissions they produce, and the working conditions of their employees. This action highlights its dedication to developing a more circular economy even further.

Several fast-fashion companies were already prohibited from using the website last year. Last Friday saw the start of "a second wave of the fight against fast fashion." The French platform again succeeded in making a strong statement in the run-up to Black Friday, which has become a huge international shopping day, basically asking customers to reject quick fashion. The business is unafraid of it.

According to Vestiaire Collective, 70% of the members who were impacted by the ban returned to the platform after it was first announced last year in order to shop for higher-quality products and make investments in used goods.

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