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SAP GenAI benefits from AWS cloud and chips


SAP GenAI benefits AWS cloud chips

SAP has announced an expanded, strategic partnership with AWS ahead of its Sapphire 2024 conference in Orlando.

The partnership will improve cloud ERP experiences and help customers use SAP GenAI to create new capabilities and increase efficiency. AWS has made a big announcement under their new CEO, Matt Garman. This could attract more users to try out SAP cloud options.

Moving from AWS to SAP is done to enhance the performance of SAP tasks in the cloud and assist customers in implementing the RISE with SAP solution on AWS. It also intends to integrate SAP into an enterprise's critical business applications.

Clients can securely access a vast collection of large language models (LLMs) through the SAP AI Core infrastructure's generative AI hub. SAP business systems can more readily integrate these LLMs. Thanks to the integration of GenAI models from Amazon Bedrock, including the Anthropic Claude 3 model family and Amazon Titan, SAP users may leverage high-performing LLMs and other foundation models (FMs) to construct bespoke applications with their own data.

SAP clients can expedite the deployment of GenAI and revamp significant business processes based on SAP solutions with this interface. These developments can be used with SAP BTP for intelligent scenario lifecycle management and integrated use cases in RISE with SAP.

The goal of SAP and AWS is to increase the generative AI hub's use of Bedrock capabilities. This will make it possible for SAP's cloud apps and solutions to have integrated AI functionality. This includes more use cases from the domains of product lifecycle management and finance.

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