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Salesforce has decided to locate its first AI hub in London


Salesforce to locate first AI hub London

Salesforce said on Thursday that it will establish its first AI hub in London.

Salesforce is committing to invest $4 billion over a period of five years in Britain, with a focus on atrificial intelligence advancements.

In London's Blue Fin building, Salesforce announced its new 40,000-square-foot headquarters that can house more than 300 employees. The center will help with AI training and upskilling, as well as promoting collaboration between tech companies, AI experts, Salesforce partners, and customers.

The company that creates cloud software predicts that the AI center will help create 500,000 jobs in the UK that are related to AI. On June 18, the facility will formally open with a free program designed to train over 100 developers.

Salesforce revealed last year that it would invest an additional $4 billion in the UK over the following five years. Salesforce has invested over $200 million in UK businesses through its venture capital arm, Salesforce Ventures, along with the opening of the AI center. Prominent investments comprise the AI-driven text-to-speech and voice generator Eleven Labs and the procurement bid authoring platform AutoGen AI.

According to a statement from Salesforce CEO Zahra Bahrololoumi, the company was emphasizing the importance of AI by establishing its first AI center in London. They agreed to work together to make sure that AI is used for good and to take advantage of the benefits of this groundbreaking technology.


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