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Cisco introduces Nexus HyperFabric AI clusters with NVIDIA for generative AI


Cisco Nexus HyperFabric AI NVIDIA gen AI

In order to transform software and infrastructure design, management, and optimization, Cisco and NVIDIA introduced an innovative AI cluster solution for data centers.

Cisco is launching a new infrastructure solution for its Cisco Networking Cloud. This solution will simplify networking and is designed to handle generative AI workloads. The Cisco Nexus HyperFabric AI cluster system combines NVIDIA accelerated computation, AI software, Cisco AI-native networking, and a reliable VAST data store. To alleviate IT management responsibilities, allowing customers to focus on AI-driven innovation and generate new income streams. Over the next two years, 60% of IT leaders and professionals expect to use AI-enabled predictive network automation to improve NetOps, according to Cisco's Global Networking Trends Report. Additionally, 75% plan to use solutions for complete visibility across different network domains like WAN, data centers, campuses, branches, public clouds, and industrial networks.

Jonathan Davidson, Executive VP and GM of Cisco Networking, said that while AI has great potential, many beginners don't know how to start. Customers often face operational and financial challenges when implementing an AI stack. He continued by saying that Cisco was dedicated to simplifying the installation and management of AI technology. They are collaborating with NVIDIA to provide a simple and convenient AI-stack solution for on-premise deployments through our Cisco Networking Cloud platform.

Generative AI needs specific software and infrastructure to help businesses use their data for business change, according to NVIDIA's Kevin Deierling. NVIDIA and Cisco are providing an AI platform and control plane for easier deployment of high-speed networking, processing, and software needed for generative AI workloads in enterprises.

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