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Upcoming live-action X-Men film potentially has its writer

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Upcoming X-Men film potentially writer

Disney is moving forward with its next live-action movie, while X-Men '97 sparks renewed interest in Marvel's mutant team.

The studio may have found a writer for the upcoming X-Men film, according to a story published today by Deadline. Michael Lesslie is reportedly in talks to write the screenplay. The most recent screenplay Lesslie penned was for The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, which came out last year. She worked on the 2016 movie Assassin's Creed, the 2015 movie Macbeth, and will also be working on the new movie Now You See Me 3.

Disney did not answer IGN's request for a comment right away. Lesslie's representatives remained silent.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will produce the X-Men movie, but it's still in early development and doesn't have a director or cast yet. According to Deadline, Marvel will now look for a filmmaker to collaborate on the project with Lesslie and Feige.

In September 2023, there were plans for Marvel to start discussing hiring a writer after the previous year's writers' strike ended. It was the first official announcement of a new X-Men film since Disney acquired Fox in 2019, along with all of its Marvel assets.

But the news of today comes at a time when comic book readers are undoubtedly thinking about the X-Men. The first season of X-Men '97 just ended receiving positive reviews from critics and a good audience response, according to a recent article from Deadline. Season 2 of Marvel is in development, but Brad Winderbaum, the company's head of streaming, has advised viewers to "stay calm."

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