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Dunkin’ prepares famous 'intern' squad for summer cultural events

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Dunkin’ famous 'intern' squad summer cultural events

For the summer, Dunkin' is taking a break from the DunKings, the fictional pop group featured in their latest Super Bowl ad and led by brand ambassador Ben Affleck.

The fast-food restaurant business is shifting its marketing strategy to feature a series of short episodes centered on a team of Dunkin'Terns overseen by Arnett and Corporate Natalie, a self-proclaimed "CEO of Work-From-Home Jokes" content creator.

The crew of interns is introduced in a 30-second "Orientation" commercial. Although Affleck isn't in it, it does contain a broken robot that is meant to look like the actor-director. To promote its cold beverages this summer, the company introduces the idea of "Big Dunkin' Iced Energy," a clever use of language commonly used in advertisements.

The intern team will continue the promotion all season by releasing "summer projects" that highlight different iced drinks. The debut EP from Dunkin' will showcase a track penned by boy band icons Joey Fatone and A.J. McLean. Chef Nick DiGiovanni will create a menu called "Iced Coffee Mixology," and designer Yoon Ahn will release a beautiful capsule collection. Furthermore, the acclaimed Twitch streamer SypherPK will enhance the thrilling gaming experience with the exciting Spark'd Energy by Dunkin'. Actress Maia Reficco, Miss Massachusetts USA 2024 winner Melissa Sapini, plant stylist Hilton Carter, and others are taking part in the project.

Affleck and Matt Damon launched Artists Equity, a production firm, with which the creative was created in partnership. Affleck's fondness for Dunkin' Donuts has been the subject of numerous well-received campaigns by Artists Equity. This year's Super Bowl promo was a highlight with Tom Brady, Damon, and Jennifer Lopez.

The promotion aims to promote the brand's Sparkd' Energy and Dunkin' Refresher products in addition to iced coffee. Refreshers are fruity drinks that mix flavors like strawberry dragon fruit, mango pineapple, and pineapple with lemonade or green tea. On the other hand, Sparkd' is an energy drink that contains caffeine, vitamins, and minerals. With its new beverage-focused model, Dunkin' could be able to compete with rivals Starbucks and CosMc's thanks to these advancements.

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