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SAP unveils AI-powered supply chain technology to transform manufacturing


SAP AI-powered supply chain technology transform manufacturing

SAP SE today announced AI advancements in its supply chain solutions that will revolutionize manufacturing.

Using AI to analyze real-time data will allow companies to make better decisions in supply chains, product development, and manufacturing efficiency.

Muhammad Alam, a member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, mentioned that businesses are currently facing challenges such as supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, and geopolitical uncertainties. SAP acknowledges the need for agility and intelligence in order to drive innovation. They utilize AI-powered solutions to improve the supply chain and manufacturing processes. Companies can improve operations and supply chain flexibility and provide excellent service to customers, which can lead to long-term growth and competitiveness in the market.

Real-time information is very important in reducing the negative impact of supply chain disruptions on suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors globally. SMA Solar Technology AG and other customers have already experienced the undeniable advantages offered by SAP's solutions. The benefits of adopting this strategy include:

  • a significant 15% increase in productivity in the supply chain workforce.
  • a notable 10% reduction in supply chain planning costs.
  • an impressive 10% decrease in both inventory costs and stock turnover rate.

Heiko Kehm, head of IT Order to Cash at SMA Solar, stated that SMA Solar is updating its manufacturing execution systems to incorporate AI-enabled visual inspection in the SAP Digital Manufacturing solution. This update will enhance sustainable and risk-resilient manufacturing operations.

In a global survey sponsored by SAP, 63% of supply chain executives and 52% of operation executives have an AI strategy tied to business goals. 51% of the 2,000 survey participants are using AI in supply chain planning and key applications to make real-time decisions. Another 58% are using AI to increase operational efficiency and employee productivity.

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