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Riyadh Air and Artefact collaborate on data analytics platform and AI solutions

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Riyadh Air Artefact collaborate data analytics platform AI solutions

Thanks to a partnership with Artefact, Saudi Arabia's Riyadh Air is going to create an AI platform and build data analytics tools.

The airline can improve the guest experience and achieve hyper-personalization by using intelligent channels and new tools. Furthermore, by using real-time data insights and projections, it can optimize operations both on the ground and in the air. The goal of this partnership is to use AI applications to completely transform the aviation sector in the Kingdom.

Abe Dev, the vice president of Digital and Innovation at Riyadh Air, said that the company's partnership with Artefact builds on its previous collaborations in the aviation sector. They plan to use AI to improve travel standards and offer personalized digital experiences to guests, starting with their first trip in 2025.

Rahul Arya, CEO and Managing Partner of Artefact Middle East and North Africa, said that the collaboration is an important step in their mission to develop advanced artificial intelligence solutions for the aviation industry.

Riyadh Air is slated to launch in 2025 and will link the Kingdom to more than 100 destinations throughout the globe. The National Tourism Strategy and the National Aviation Strategy aim to attract 330 million tourists to the Kingdom every year by 2030, and this project contributes to achieving that goal.

To improve the airline's operational effectiveness, Texas-based Sabre Corp. and Riyadh Air signed a contract in February. The software and technology provider will help the carrier increase revenue through network planning and optimization solutions.

According to a press release, the airline has chosen several software solutions from Sabre, including schedule manager, slot manager, profit manager, and market intelligence.

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