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Oracle teams up with Ocean Bottle to combat ocean plastic pollution


Oracle teams Ocean Bottle combat ocean plastic pollution

Oracle has partnered with Ocean Bottle and Ocean Co. to support global plastic collection initiatives.

Ocean Bottle is a registered B Corp. They employ people in local communities worldwide to collect plastics from rivers and streams before they reach the ocean. It does this in collaboration with partner organizations of Ocean Co. like Plastics for Change, Plastic Bank, and Repurpose Global. By 2025, the company wants to have seven billion bottles collected.

Ocean conservation is crucial to preserving life as we know it. Plastic waste threatens our oceans, endangering a fragile ecosystem. The ocean stores heat and absorbs carbon dioxide, making it the largest carbon sink on Earth. Coastal ecosystems can store carbon dioxide at a high rate. Conservation is essential for biodiversity, food supplies, energy resources, and climate impact.

Over 20,000 collectors worldwide are exchanging plastic for money. This helps people access important things like technology, healthcare, education, and jobs. It also promotes a circular economy. Because the plastic is recycled or upcycled, no waste is dumped in landfills.

The company promises to donate money to collect about 25 pounds of plastic, equivalent to approximately 1,000 plastic bottles, for each reusable stainless steel Ocean Bottle sold. Oracle Red Bull Racing and Ocean Bottle have collaborated since 2019 to raise funds for collecting over 150,000 kg of plastic. They also collaborated this year to create co-branded water bottles, aiding ongoing global collection efforts. Oracle now has access to an impact dashboard from Ocean Bottle to monitor program outcomes. 34 collecting sites have amassed close to 12 million plastic bottles, showing the significant impact of the initiative.

Oracle and Ocean Bottle collaborate to protect Earth's resources, promote a circular economy, and fight climate change. Oracle supports initiatives for the UN Sustainable Development Goals and environmental protection.

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