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iPhone 17 Pro to feature TSMC's 2nm chipset


iPhone 17 Pro TSMC 2nm chipset

Today, an exciting report surfaced, revealing that the highly anticipated iPhone 17 Pro, set to launch next year, will proudly boast a groundbreaking processor crafted with TSMC's cutting-edge 2nm technology.

TSMC's declaration in 2022 regarding the development of this remarkable 2nm process, created a flurry of speculation, with rumors swirling that the iPhone 17 Pro would be the pioneer product to harness this phenomenal technology for its advanced chipset.

This information is now confirmed, to the extent that a rumor can truly "confirm" anything. Later this year, TSMC is expected to initiate small-scale production using the 2nm technology. Mass production is expected to begin in 2025, aligning with the fall release of the iPhone 17 Pro.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Apple had initially contracted TSMC for its entire 2nm process. It seems that 2nm CPUs are set to be used in future Apple Silicon Macs as well as the iPhone 17 Pro.

If this story is correct, the next step after 2nm will be an improved version of the 2nm process, which is anticipated by the end of 2026. After that, the jump to 1.4nm will occur.

Both the iPhone 16 series and the iOS 18 are anticipated to launch later this year with a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI), but it appears that all of that on-device AI processing will be limited to 2nm chips this year.

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