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Fujitsu will integrate Oracle Alloy into its hybrid IT solutions


Fujitsu integrate Oracle Alloy hybrid IT solutions

Fujitsu Limited and Oracle are working together to provide cloud and AI capabilities that meet the digital sovereignty needs of Japanese businesses and the public sector.

Fujitsu will expand its Hybrid IT solutions for Fujitsu Uvance by adding Oracle Alloy to help clients grow their businesses and address social issues. Fujitsu will have full control over its operations and run Oracle Alloy independently in its data centers in Japan.

As part of its Fujitsu Uvance Hybrid IT portfolio, Fujitsu will use Oracle Alloy, a cloud infrastructure platform that provides over 100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) capabilities, including generative AI. This would allow companies and the government to use AI and cloud infrastructure from Fujitsu-run data centers in Japan. The only hyperscaler that can provide AI and more than 100 cloud services locally and globally is Oracle. Fujitsu will analyze the experience of using Oracle Alloy in the Japanese industry to spread it to other markets.

The collaboration will include:

  1. Allow Oracle database users to migrate to the cloud without compromising the functionality of their on-premises environment, especially if they have large, sensitive, mission-critical database systems.
  2. Support cloud computing and safe, secure data management: Fujitsu will implement and run Oracle Alloy in its Japanese data centers. To support digital sovereignty and operational transparency, this provides companies and the public sector with access to a sovereign cloud environment.
  3. Over all on-premises and hyperscale settings, centralize operations and security policies. Cloud service providers like Oracle Alloy and Fujitsu offer operational consultancy services and Fujitsu Cloud Managed Service in their cloud settings. Fujitsu Cloud Managed Service allows customers to centralize operations and security policies across on-premises and hyperscale cloud systems. It provides comprehensive support tailored to their specific business needs.
  4. Fujitsu can enhance client experiences by managing updates and customizing its cloud infrastructure for each customer's specific needs. With this degree of control, Fujitsu can stop automatic updates from causing system outages.


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