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Creative AI goes mobile thanks to Google and OnePlus/OPPO partnership


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Together with tech behemoth Google, smartphone makers OPPO and OnePlus are launching the most potent AI model yet — Gemini 1.0 Ultra — on smartphones.

By directly integrating Google's state-of-the-art AI technology into devices, this partnership seeks to transform the mobile experience and usher in a new wave of industry innovation. The Gemini Ultra, which was unveiled at Google Cloud Next '24 today and is scheduled for availability later this year, is expected to completely change how people interact with cellphones.

Over ten million customers currently have access to generative AI models, according to Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Products for OPPO and OnePlus. This represents a major advancement in the uptake of AI technology. Zhang outlined the four main pillars that, in her opinion, are necessary for mobile AI: effective resource use, the capacity for self-learning, real-world perception, and encouraging user innovation.

In addition, OPPO and OnePlus reaffirmed their dedication to fostering the best possible atmosphere for AI to flourish by utilizing their knowledge of operating systems, hardware, and ecosystems. The goal of partnerships with forerunners in the field is to provide innovative AI experiences. One such example is the AI Eraser function, which is powered by the AndesGPT LLM and is poised to revolutionize mobile picture editing.

With AI Eraser, users may improve their editing experience by easily removing unwanted items from photographs straight from their photo galleries. By using cutting-edge AI algorithms, the function creates substitute backgrounds automatically, guaranteeing immaculate, photo-perfect outcomes. Beta testers have provided an overwhelmingly favorable first response, with consumers appreciating AI Eraser's capabilities. This month, the OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and OnePlus Nord CE 4 will all see the launch of AI Eraser.

OnePlus and OPPO are collaborating with Google to incorporate other cloud AI tools into their forthcoming releases, in addition to AI Eraser. Future OPPO and OnePlus smartphones will be able to use AI for activities like creating social media content and summarizing audio and news articles, thanks to this connection.

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