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Windstream Wholesale brought Expansive Dark Fiber to East Coast


Windstream Wholesale brought Expansive Dark Fiber to East Coast

Windstream's ICON offers open and disaggregated networking infrastructure

Windstream Wholesale, a leader in optical technology for advanced network solutions, has announced a significant milestone in the development of its new dark fiber route. Dubbed the "Beach Route," this stretch spans 651 route miles along the East Coast of the United States and features 864-count buried fiber. The completion of the northern section, covering 459 miles from Raleigh, North Carolina, to Savannah, Georgia, marks its readiness for immediate service. The northern segment of the Beach Route opens up extensive dark fiber connectivity options across major East Coast cities, including routes from Raleigh, North Carolina, to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and from Myrtle Beach to Savannah, Georgia. With a connection to the new DC BLOX cable landing station in Myrtle Beach, businesses gain access to the Firmina, Nuveum, and Anjana sub-sea cables.

The Beach Route offers diverse connectivity, providing access to over 12 data centers and 14 government and military locations. Broadband expansion opportunities abound through partnerships with municipalities, utilities, and cooperatives. Collaborating with adjacent providers extends connectivity to Atlanta, Miami, and Charlotte, thereby enhancing dark fiber network expansion opportunities. Progress is underway on the southern portion and final segment of the Beach Route, which adds 192 route miles of new conduit from Savannah to the Jacksonville Beach Network Access Point. Anticipated for service by the second quarter of 2024, this segment will grant access to two key sub-sea cables, AMX-1 and PCCS.

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