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Veldskoen Shoes announced its expansion in the USA

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Veldskoen Shoes announced its expansion in the USA

Veldskoen Shoes invests into market growth after buy-back from Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban

Veldskoen Shoes, a renowned South African footwear brand, is excited to announce a significant expansion into the United States, a strategic move aimed at bolstering its presence in the North American market. This expansion follows an initial investment from California-based Fun Brands and esteemed entrepreneurs Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban in 2018, with the brand being repurchased by the founding families of Veldskoen in late 2023. This strategic investment will drive Veldskoen Shoes' ambitious growth plans, including forging partnerships with new retail outlets, expanding its online presence, and intensifying marketing efforts to reach a broader demographic.

Veldskoen Shoes is renowned for its iconic, handcrafted footwear, ethically produced and inspired by the traditional South African "Veldskoen" or "Field Shoe,"  a durable and comfortable design suitable for various terrains. The brand's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility has resonated with consumers worldwide, with its distinctive colored soles and laces and South African flag label serving as recognizable signature features. The expansion strategy encompasses the establishment of new offices in Atlanta, Georgia, expanded availability in major retail outlets, strategic pop-up events in key cities, and an enhanced e-commerce platform to facilitate easier access to Veldskoen Shoes for consumers across the nation. Veldskoen Shoes invites the public to join in celebrating this milestone and eagerly anticipates introducing their comfortable and stylish footwear to a broader audience in the United States.

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