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Sterlite Tech inked a pact with Lumos to build new infrastructure in US


Sterlite Tech inked a pact with Lumos to build new infrastructure in US

Sterlite Technologies will offer advanced, purpose-engineered optical fiber cable designs

Sterlite Technologies Limited has announced a strategic collaboration with US-based Lumos to jointly develop fiber and optical connectivity solutions in the mid-Atlantic region. Under this partnership, Sterlite Technologies will provide customized optical fiber cable designs tailored to meet Lumos' network needs. Leveraging its comprehensive optical capabilities, Sterlite Tech will also supply its Opto-bolt product, a pre-connectorized drop cable designed to streamline installation processes and enhance network modularity. David Smith, Lumos' Chief Network Officer, emphasized the importance of reliable partners with cutting-edge fiber technology, local presence, and prompt delivery in building their extensive fiber optic network. He expressed confidence in Sterlite Technologies' potential to facilitate the delivery of seamless fiber connectivity to their customers.

Paul Atkinson, CEO of Optical Networking Business at STL, highlighted the alignment between Lumos' aspirations and STL's broader mission of global connectivity. He underscored the value proposition of STL's optical products, combining advanced fiber optic technology with expedited market entry. Atkinson expressed optimism about the collaboration with Lumos in driving value for this nationally significant project. Following this announcement, Sterlite Technologies Limited witnessed a 9% surge in its shares to ₹146 during Wednesday's afternoon trading session. By 1 pm, the stock was trading at ₹144.85 on the NSE, marking a 7.74% increase from the previous close. Over the past month, the company's stock has experienced a 3% rise on the stock exchanges.

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