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SQream and Qantm AI partnered to solve enterprise data and AI challenges

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SQream Qantm AI data challenges

Qantm AI incorporated SQream's offerings to streamline data analytics for complex insights across industries

SQream, a scalable GPU data analytics platform, and Qantm AI, a leading advisory service specializing in AI strategy, governance, and architectures, have announced a collaborative effort to provide SQream's technology to Qantm AI's clientele. This partnership aims to empower large organizations to optimize their analytic systems, expediting crucial business insights and deploying AI models to tackle complex analytics and AI challenges. Additionally, SQream customers will benefit from Qantm AI's expertise and advisory services in the AI domain. By teaming up with Qantm AI, SQream intends to capitalize on Qantm AI's premier advisory services, utilizing the vast experience of Dr. Seth Dobrin, former Chief AI Officer for IBM. This collaboration aims not only to help customers grasp the impact of AI on their organizations but also to navigate the development of human-centric AI in an ever-evolving landscape. Partnering with SQream grants Qantm AI access to a data acceleration platform to address various challenges faced by their customers, including analytical application speed, data completeness, complexity, AIops bottlenecks, and cost efficiency.

SQream's GPU-based big data analytics and acceleration platform is customized to handle data of any magnitude and complexity. This capability enables enterprises to swiftly ingest and analyze their expanding datasets, providing comprehensive insights for improved customer experiences, operational efficiency, and previously untapped business insights. SQream stands out as a cloud-native, fully managed data lakehouse engineered for rapid, reliable, and cost-effective data preparation, leveraging its patented GPU optimization engine.

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