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Oracle and Red Hat decided to become hyperscalers


Oracle and Red Hat decided to become hyperscalers

Oracle seeks to aid European enterprises in addressing the key challenges in cloud computing

According to a new research report published today by Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, database giant Oracle is aiming to become one of Europe's leading hyperscalers in order to help European enterprises accelerate their cloud transition. According to the ISG research, cloud computing has become a fundamental element of Europe's digital landscape. It has transformed the way organizations work and how individuals access and store data. According to the survey, while Europe has embraced cloud computing as a continent, it still confronts some distinct problems and considerations. Data privacy and protection are among the most pressing concerns, according to the research.

Oracle's growing momentum can be linked to its broad range of cloud services and focus on providing enterprise-grade solutions to these and other difficulties, according to the ISG analysis. Oracle CloudWorld 2023 saw the introduction of Oracle Access Governance, which aims to ease security implementation. According to the survey, one of the most significant advantages of Oracle's cloud platform is its easy interaction with existing enterprise applications. Oracle service partners in Europe can choose from a wide range of cloud service providers based on their requirements, according to ISG.

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