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Oracle launches globally distributed Autonomous Database, revolutionized Data Management


Oracle launches globally distributed Autonomous Database, revolutionized Data Management

Oracle Corporation redefined data management with the launch of its Globally Distributed Autonomous Database

In a significant advancement in data management, Oracle Corporation (ORCL) has introduced its Globally Distributed Autonomous Database, marking a pivotal moment in how organizations worldwide handle and distribute their data. Through the deployment of cutting-edge sharding technology, this new solution not only improves scalability and availability but also provides customers with unprecedented control over their data distribution and placement policies. At the core of Oracle's Globally Distributed Autonomous Database lies advanced sharding technology, empowering organizations to seamlessly distribute and store data across multiple physical locations. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Oracle pledges to automate various tasks, including data distribution, shard management, provisioning, tuning, scaling, patching, and security, thereby significantly reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors.

Despite Oracle's innovative strides, the company faces formidable competition in the cloud infrastructure market. Reports from Statista indicate a 19% increase in global cloud infrastructure service spending in 2023, with Oracle vying for market share against industry giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. As the cloud infrastructure market continues to expand, Oracle's latest offering has the potential to alter the competitive landscape, challenging incumbents and attracting new customers seeking advanced data management solutions. The future of cloud infrastructure and data management appears promising, with Oracle's Globally Distributed Autonomous Database paving the way for new possibilities and opportunities.

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