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Kanerika boosted NorthGate's business performance with data analytics transformation

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Kanerika NorthGate's data analytics transformation

Nicole Wellman, Operations & IT Executive at NorthGate, expressed satisfaction with the collaboration

In pursuit of a strategic competitive advantage, NorthGate, a leading provider of supply chain services and packaging solutions in the Upper Midwestern United States, has joined forces with Kanerika to implement a robust data management and analytics framework. Confronted with a fragmented data infrastructure spread across various systems, including MS Dynamics ERP, SQL Server, and Office 365, NorthGate encountered challenges in achieving cohesive reporting and analytics, significantly impacting its strategic decision-making process. Kanerika addressed this issue by meticulously consolidating disparate data sources into a unified platform. Through the deployment of dynamic, real-time Power BI dashboards, NorthGate gained the ability to make instantaneous operational adjustments and informed strategic decisions. Moreover, the customized Power BI reports provided deeper insights into operational mechanics.

The collaboration has yielded significant outcomes for NorthGate, including a 25% increase in worker productivity, a 14% enhancement in cost control, and a 15% reduction in order delays. Bhupendra Chopra, CRO at Kanerika, reflected on the project's success, stating that the collaboration with NorthGate demonstrates the company’s ability to leverage leading-edge tools like Microsoft Power BI to drive remarkable business outcomes. This partnership underscores the team’s expertise as industry leaders and distinguished Microsoft partners committed to delivering excellence. By pioneering innovative applications of advanced logistics technology, Kanerika is setting new standards for achieving measurable success.

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