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AI is at the core of Google Cloud's data analytics initiatives

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AI is at the core of Google Cloud's data analytics initiatives

Google Cloud's data analytics chief executive, Gerrit Kazmaier, predicts AI will become increasingly crucial for enterprises to extract value from their data and integrate it with traditional tools.

As per the chief executive for data analytics at Google Cloud, artificial intelligence (AI) will become increasingly significant in enabling enterprises to extract value from their data.

Gerrit Kazmaier, vice president and general manager of Google Cloud's database, data analytics, and Looker, informed Computer Weekly that customers of the cloud and search giant are already fusing artificial intelligence (AI) with more traditional business intelligence tools.

According to Kazmaier, this is because AI facilitates the integration of structured and unstructured data. Although AI systems can analyze more complex data than human specialists, they can do so considerably faster and with much larger data.

To assist its clients, Google is leveraging its expertise in search and cloud computing and creating the transformer model, which serves as the cornerstone of generative artificial intelligence systems. According to Kazmaier, Google has a "cultural understanding" of the need to provide accessibility to information. Its goal to integrate traditional analytics with artificial intelligence is centered on this.

Google has outlined a plan to incorporate AI into its analytics tools. This includes integrating Looker and Looker Studio with BigQuery and Vertex AI, enabling data to AI workflows in BigQuery Studio, and enabling users to create machine learning models in BigQuery ML and export them to Vertex AI.

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