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Fluent raises $7.5 million for its data analyzer driven by AI

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Fluent raises $7.5 million for its data analyzer driven by AI

Fluent, an AI-powered data analytics platform, has closed its $7.5 million seed financing round. It is revolutionizing decision-making by enabling non-technical team members to ask questions directly.

The $7.5 million seed financing round for Fluent, a data analytics platform revolutionizing how decision-makers access and use business data, has closed.

Fluent, an AI-powered data analyst, relieves data teams of the burden of manually responding to ad hoc data requests by allowing non-technical team members to ask questions about their data directly in plain English and receive answers in seconds.

According to Fluent CEO Robert Van Den Bergh, a data team's typical time is spent responding to inquiries from various departments inside the company. Many of these queries are simple for the data team to answer, but doing so diverts them from the more in-depth, strategically oriented study that has the potential to completely change their company. Their natural language interface, Fluent, enables team members to self-serve when they have inquiries about data.

Any query about a particular client, a recently released feature, or a division's financial performance can be answered by Fluent's AI. Fluent has won prestigious clients like Bain & Company over the last two years in an effort to democratize data accessible.

Organizations have been experimenting with OpenAI's ChatGPT since 2022, particularly for Excel file analysis. However, concerns about accuracy and trust hinder adoption. Fluent, an enterprise-ready solution, addresses these concerns, allowing data teams to manage and trust data.

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