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Fintech Sandbox welcomed new data partners to empower startups worldwide

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Fintech Sandbox empower startups worldwide

Fintech Sandbox has announced a significant expansion of its data access offerings

The nonprofit organization committed to fostering innovation within the financial technology sector is pleased to announce the addition of two new data partners—MT Newswires and Polygon. This expansion also entails the incorporation of additional datasets from six existing partners: Benzinga, Dow Jones, FactSet, Moody’s, Nasdaq Data Link, and Plaid. These enhancements aim to bolster the support offered to startups through its Data Access Residency program. Established a decade ago, Fintech Sandbox seeks to tackle the challenges surrounding high data costs and accessibility for FinTech startups. Kelly Fryer, Executive Director of Fintech Sandbox, expressed excitement regarding the new partnerships and gratitude for the continued support from existing partners.

With the inclusion of MT Newswires and Polygon, the total number of dedicated data partners now stands at 41. These partners collectively offer their premium datasets to startups participating in the Data Access Residency, facilitating the development of cutting-edge financial innovations. Brooks McFeely, founder and CEO of MT Newswires, underscored the significance of providing real-time, multi-asset-class news to assist startups in creating next-generation applications and solutions. Similarly, Jack Bell, Head of Business Development at Polygon, emphasized their commitment to simplifying access and eliminating barriers to foster the creation of forward-thinking technologies. MT Newswires will grant startups access to its Live Briefs Investor US & Canada dataset, encompassing thousands of listed securities and events across 90 news categories. This service aims to keep investors abreast of breaking news impacting their portfolios.

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