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Anima raises $12 million giving clinics Salesforce-like capabilities


Anima Salesforce-like capabilities

Anima, a UK-based care enablement platform, is helping hospitals and clinics overcome the challenges of outdated healthcare IT systems due to its unique functionality.

Healthcare IT systems around the world are stuttering under the weight of outdated platforms. Anima, a U.K. business, is a "care enablement" platform that functions similarly to Slack, Salesforce, and Figma, but for hospitals and clinics. Thankfully, a new wave of startups is entering the market. Recently, the company raised $12 million in a Series A fundraising round headed by Molten Ventures. New angel investors, including Peak Games creator Sidar Sahin, joined the round along with current investors Hummingbird Ventures, Amino Collective, and Y Combinator.

After launching in September 2022, Anima — a product of Y Combinator's Winter 2021 batch — is currently being utilized in 150 NHS clinics throughout England. Although the startup's software offers a higher level of automation over legacy systems, it still allows clinic workers to process and file healthcare documents.

Anima's CEO and co-founder, Shun Pang, stated that the company can automatically gather a patient's medical history for every complaint they may have and provide it to the doctor, along with possible differential diagnoses and recommended courses of action, making sure that no warning signs go unnoticed. One competitor in this market is accuRx; a UK-based company that has raised £36.6 million thus far after finishing Series B. Memora Health has raised $80.5 million, while NexHealth, a post-Series C company, has raised $177.2 million in the United States thus far.

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