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Zoom is focusing on 'critical' areas like AI and has laid off 150 workers


Zoom laid off 150 workers

The industry leader in videoconferencing is laying off 150 workers as part of its most recent round of tech layoffs in 2024, citing "rescopes" that concentrate on future growth areas like AI, sales, and product.

Zoom Video Communications continues to reduce its workforce. This time, roughly 150 jobs are being cut by the corporation, per a story that was initially released by Bloomberg on Thursday.

With many workers returning to the office and businesses moving toward hybrid models, Zoom, which was a mainstay for millions of users worldwide working remotely during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, has seen a decline in popularity.

The cuts were verified to reporters by a Zoom representative.

According to the spokesperson, they assess their teams on a regular basis to make sure they are on the same page with their plan.  Zoom was rescoping roles as part of this initiative in order to enhance capabilities and keep hiring in areas that would be crucial in the future.

Zoom intends to continue hiring in 2024 for positions in sales, product, artificial intelligence, and other areas of the business, despite the layoffs not being company-wide.

Sources who were familiar with the situation said that the layoffs amount to "less than 2 percent" of the company's workforce.

The company's LATAM sales division was among the areas affected by the job losses, according to recent posts on TheLayoff.com. Several staff members, including an integrated marketing manager and a webinar program manager, confirmed they had been laid off in the latest wave of layoffs on LinkedIn.

At this time last year, Zoom laid off 1,300 employees, or roughly 15% of its workforce, affecting every division inside the business. At the time, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said that he would forfeit his FY23 company bonus and cut his 2023 pay by 98%.

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