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Mouser and Wurth create IoT eBook


IoT eBook

Mouser and Wurth Elektronik collaborated on an eBook that features eight experts discussing the most relevant applications for IoT technologies and devices.

Experts from Würth Elektronik, Bosch, Schneider Electric, and other companies talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it's going to change many different industries in the article 8 Industry Experts Discuss Trends in the Internet of Things.

Four chapters in the eBook focus on different IoT themes, such as data and cloud connectivity, sensors and smart features, and developing IoT business models. Insightful quotations from professionals in the field are included in every chapter, along with connections to pertinent Würth Elektronik solutions and a synopsis of the main lessons learned.

Our world is growing increasingly transparent and connected with each new IoT device, and experts predict that by 2030, there will be 30 billion IoT devices worldwide.

The proliferation of IoT devices and the easy availability of real-time, high-quality data are giving rise to new business models. Device designers are able to create new improvements in their respective sectors with the help of Würth Elektronik's comprehensive inventory of IoT solutions.

The WSEN-ISDS 6-axis inertial measurement unit, the Calypso Wi-Fi® radio module, the Calypso IoT design kit, and a variety of Bluetooth® smart modules are just a few of the seven pertinent Würth Elektronik products that are linked in the eBook and either in stock or available for order at Mouser.

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