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emnify announced its new plans for the USA and Europe


emnify announced its new plans for the USA and Europe

Single eSIM, connectivity management and invoice, and many more added services

emnify, a leading provider of cloud-native IoT connectivity solutions, has announced the general release of the industry's inaugural converged cellular and satellite IoT connectivity through a single emnify IoT eSIM. Known as SuperNetwork SatPlus, this offering is integrated into emnify's SuperNetwork, the premier IoT cellular connectivity service spanning more than 180 countries. SuperNetwork SatPlus combines emnify's specialized IoT cellular access with Skylo's non-terrestrial network (NTN) satellite service, empowering IoT device manufacturers, OEMs, and application providers to enhance service levels with seamless satellite connectivity failover for devices situated outside or beyond cellular coverage areas.

This innovation expands the realm of IoT connectivity possibilities, particularly for applications such as asset tracking, fleet management, building safety, agriculture, and beyond. With SuperNetwork SatPlus, IoT enterprises can enhance their product and service offerings by providing a premium level of data connectivity that ensures ubiquitous coverage, even in remote locations. Initially available in select European countries and the USA, emnify IoT SuperNetwork SatPlus offers 10MB of cellular connectivity combined with choices for 10, 30, or 60 satellite messages per month. This integrated solution guarantees uninterrupted IoT connectivity for SuperNetwork customers, seamlessly transitioning to satellite networks when devices move beyond cellular coverage zones. The convergence of cellular and satellite access through a single eSIM, management platform, and radio module enhances the customer experience while lowering hardware and connectivity expenses, thus reducing operational overhead related to satellite connectivity integration.

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