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Nuclear Blast teams up with Impericon for ecommerce activities

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Nuclear Blast teams up with Impericon

Impericon, a well-known provider of metalcore music and merchandise, and Nuclear Blast, one of the world's leading digital music companies, announced a broad collaboration.

Impericon, a reputable supplier of metalcore music and paraphernalia, and Nuclear Blast, the innovative metal label owned by Believe, one of the top digital music firms in the world, have announced a broad collaboration today. Impericon will take on the role of managing and cooperatively improving all of Nuclear Blast's European e-commerce operations as part of this partnership.

Nuclear Blast's online store has developed over the last few years from its first mail-order enterprise to become the most potent direct-to-fan network in the metal industry. The core label company has continued to lead this substantial development, which has mostly come from within.

Understanding the enormous value that the Nuclear Blast direct-to-fan platform holds for both artists and fans, the label sees this decision as the next logical step toward further professionalizing and specializing their projects. The Impericon team will take over all of Nuclear Blast's European e-commerce activities starting in the first quarter of 2024.

Impericon's founder and CEO, Martin Böttcher, stated that the company has dedicated itself for almost two decades to provide top-notch merchandising services and expert direct-to-fan distribution of tangible goods to the music industry. For their fervent staff of metal fans at Impericon, it's an incredible chance to curate, oversee, and create one of the most potent e-commerce platforms within the heavy music industry.

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