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This holiday season eBay and Amazon are offering peer advice

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eBay and Amazon offer peer advice

Peer-to-peer advice on Christmas selling was sought after by eBay and Amazon vendors asking for recommendations like running competitions and posting videos.

eBay and Amazon looked to their sellers for peer-to-peer tips on Christmas selling. eBay for Business released a video featuring seller recommendations for holiday shipping, and Amazon held a contest on its discussion boards.

eBay produced a video series called "Sellers Talk Shipping!" that it releases on a regular basis. The series has covered a variety of topics, including international shipping, eBay Labels, packaging advice, and more. The video, "Sellers Talk Shipping! Holiday Shipping Tips," was first uploaded to YouTube last month, but eBay for Business only published it on Monday.

Among the advice given by vendors in the film regarding Christmas delivery was to be sure to have extra shipping supplies on hand, package products more securely, and account for delays during the hectic holiday season.

A week ago, Amazon, meanwhile, had a sweepstakes wherein vendors were asked to submit advice for a chance to win $100 in Amazon gift cards. The company said in a statement they were inviting all of their selling partners to share with their fellow sellers their best-selling advice for the upcoming Christmas season, regardless of their categories, sales backgrounds, or locations. The possible prize winners will receive notifications through their Forums account, and their usernames will be posted on Forums.

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