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Onetab enhances India operations with new leadership appointments


Onetab India new leadership appointments

Onetab has appointed Ankita Phanse as the new HR director, Pratish Gopinath as VP of Corporate Development, and Harish Chouhan as senior team lead.

The generative AI SaaS startup Onetab has added three new senior members to bolster its operations in India.

Harish Chouhan has joined Onetab as the senior team leader. Ankita Phanse is now Head HR Strategy and Planning, and Pratish Gopinath has joined the board as Vice President of Corporate Development.

Harish, who has over 17 years of industry experience in a variety of disciplines, recently joined Onetab. Harish worked for Panamax Infotech, Linkites Pvt. Ltd., and InfoBeans Systems India Pvt. Ltd. before joining Onetab.

In his new role at Onetab, Harish will collaborate directly with the leadership team to facilitate strategic planning and execution while also fostering excellence, driving innovation, and keeping abreast of customer demands and market trends. He will be important in helping Onetab achieve its expansion goals and maintain its leadership position in the sector.

Pratish, who is based in Bangalore, would be in charge of hiring and opening the Bangalore office. Furthermore, he will be responsible for supervising investor and venture capital engagements, as well as identifying and executing strategic partnerships. He will organize the launch of Onetab's new project, One Bharat, in multiple cities in India.

Ankita Phanse has over seven years of extensive experience in and around generalist HR issues and HR operations. Ankita will handle HR procedures, policies, and initiatives that create a positive workplace environment at OneTab.

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