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An investigation into money laundering at Las Vegas casinos intensifies

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investigation money laundering Las Vegas casinos intensifies

A federal investigation related to a former MGM executive and underground bookmaker is now widening, according to recent reports.

The probe now includes other illegal bookmakers and high-stakes gamblers, as well as other casinos. The Nevada Gaming Control Board is also being investigated, according to the Nevada Current. Five teams of two people each were investigating two to three properties, according to a source familiar with the situation.

The news comes after the former president of MGM Grand, Scott Sibella, pleaded guilty to violating federal anti-money laundering laws. Authorities claim that Sibella let underground bookie Wayne Nix gamble large amounts of money at the property without reporting it to federal officials as required by law.

Nix’s enterprise involved professional athletes in attracting bettors and leveraging its relationship with the MGM Grand to expand its operations, as revealed in the investigation. Nix and his bettors were treated to free rooms, meals, and more at MGM properties.

Nix and a number of his collaborators entered guilty pleas in 2022 for operating an illegal operation and for other offenses, such as tax violations. In addition, police are looking into the activities of individuals at casinos in Las Vegas who are believed to be involved in illicit betting.

This involves investigating Matt Bowyer's gambling in Las Vegas, which is connected to the recent gambling case of Shohei Ohtani's former interpreter. Bowyer's home in California was raided by federal agents in October, and a phone belonging to his casino host in Las Vegas was seized on the same day, as reported by the Nevada Current.

Regarding another high-stakes gambler and poker player, Damien LeForbes, representatives from the Gaming Control Board have been in contact with officials at multiple casinos. Federal agents also conducted a raid on his residence in California. The federal police are still conducting their investigation.

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