Christena Garduno: The driving force behind the success of Media Culture and a true pioneer in the media industry

Effective leaders don't always fit into one specific kind, as demonstrated by the women managers who have broken through the glass ceiling in medium-sized, atypical firms. They have shown that there are other ways to succeed besides employing the command-and-control management style, which is typically associated with men in large, traditional corporations. The success of the ladies demonstrates that an unconventional leadership approach can improve an organization's chances of surviving in an unpredictable world and is well suited to the conditions of some work environments. It affirms the idea that having a variety of leadership philosophies has advantages. For the first time ever, female CEOs will oversee 10% of Fortune 500 businesses in 2024. Without a doubt, this is a significant turning point. It also emphasizes how important it is to have more women in leadership roles at all ... Read more


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